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SHEL-BEnvironmental Emissions Consulting, Inc. is headquartered in Ohio and our company provides a variety if services to solve your environmental emissions problems.  We have over a century of knowledge to serve you.  Our firm is comprised of individuals from one of the nation’s largest investor owner utilities.  Who has ESPs from the following manufacturers with plates spacing varying from 9 to 16 inches:
  • Alstom (Flakt)
  • American Standard
  • Clyde Bergammon EEC (Environmental Elements Corp./Koppers)
  • Hamon-Research Cottrell (Research-Cottrell & Buell)
  • KC Cottrell (FLS Miljo/Lodge-Cottrell)
  • B&W (Joy Western)
  • Siemens (Wheelabrator Fyre, Inc./Lurgi)
  • Universal Oil Products
Our outstanding team has the credentials and experience to help you get to where you want to go.


Russ Ridgeway
CEO and Founder
Russ Ridgeway is a consultant and highly respected in his field. He has been awarded an International Fellows Award from the International Society of Electrostatic Precipitators and holds four patents for ash utilization.  He was instrumental in getting high frequency TR sets in use at the utility.  He worked in the pollution control industry for AEP for thirty-two years before founding SHEL-B Consulting. 
Russ can be reached directly at


Tommy Alaniz

Tommy began his career at CSW prior to their merger with AEP.  He worked at a coal fired station in west Texas and was responsible for maintaining the electrostatic precipitators and continuous emissions monitoring systems at the plant.

You can contact Tommy at


Paul Caravano

Paul spent his entire career with AEP and was the first engineer assigned when to the utility created a Precipitator Section in 1977.  With the clean air act of the 1970s, the utility embarked on a major program of retrofitting their coal fired power plants with precipitators and he was instrumental in this effort.  He developed several automatic voltage control modifications to improve ESP and conceived several projects which were later patented.

You can contact Paul at

Tom Collins

Tom’s career began in the U.S. Navy prior to working for AEP at one of the nation's largest power generating stations.  The majority of his power plant career was spent on plant wide control systems; the latter part of his career was supervising the crews which maintain the precipitators and flue gas desulfurization systems.

You can contact Tom at


Rod Duane

Rod's 37 years career was spent mostly in the communications industry.  He worked for CompServe and Reliance Electric before founding his own business.

You can contact Rod at


Glenn White
Glenn began his career with AEP at one of their coal fired power plant with twin 800MW super critical units.  During Glenn's tenure at the plant, it under went many changes as the various Clean Air Act amendments were implemented. The latter part of his career was not only responsible for maintaining the precipitators and continuous emissions monitoring systems at the two unit plant, but also the three unit sub-critical plant located just up river.

You can contact Glenn at


Seth Miller
Consultant - Intern
Seth is working as a summer intern for SHEL-B Environmental Emission Consulting, Inc. while pursuing his engineering degree from The Ohio State University. His position will provide him hands-on application of his studies in a wide spectrum of environmental emissions control for coal firing utilities.

You can contact Seth at

SHEL-B Environmental Emissions Consulting, Inc. is a proud supporter of Canine Companion for Independence (CCI).  CCI provides service dogs to persons with disabilities other than blindness. To learn more about CCI, click here or on Chanler's Photo.

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